The One Hour Hero features 16 business transforming, actionable items which will take less than one hour each.

Google My Business

Learn how to claim your business listing, why responding to reviews is important, and what information you need to have in order to have an effective listing.

Surveying Your Customers

Find out what your customers want, what they think is great, and most importantly, who will refer you to their friends.

Get Media Attention

Promote your store through local media by sending out press releases, and hyping up your current events. The news is desperate for content.

Facebook for Business

One of the easiest things you can do is set up a Facebook page and use it to promote your store. Learn the best practices for a good Facebook page, and what you need to do to encourage engagement.

Bulid a Customer Database

Did you know that a database with contact information is a tangible asset for your business? It's true, and having permission to send your customers emails is essential to any marketing strategy. We'll show you how.

Plus More

We'll help you with Free Comic Day prep, emailing your customers (with a template), the anatomy of a good website, software to make your life better, cross promotion, and so much more!

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